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I've been asked to give a little information about the editing services website and me.

English Editing Services Writer

I have lived and worked in South Korea for fifteen years and now teach English Composition (and other courses) at a large provincial National University. My students have all levels of English ability and in addition to Korean, have had "first" languages including Chinese, Russian, Kazakh and Japanese.

My background before arriving in Korea is somewhat varied, ranging from cooking in restaurants (as a student) to Human Resources executive positions for state and local governments. I have also owned an espresso business
and worked in California public schools for a number of years.

This website is the result of an impulse two years ago to to teach myself how to create something on the internet as a hobby. My first effort was a travel site which was challenging and fun but I decided to move in a new direction and learn more. As simple and poor as this website is, I think I'm even more proud and amazed than my friends and family at how much I've learned and what I could do.

I learned from working on that first website that it is possible to "do it yourself" with information and resources easily available on the internet despite my advanced years (see picture above) and lack of a technical background.

The company I researched and finally chose is SBI! and I couldn't be happier. (Clicking on the blue link will open a new browser page at their site.)

If you have ever thought of creating your own online business or just want a challenging hobby, the step-by-step instructions and everything included process from SBI! is the best you will find anywhere. If you do research and see anything about a site build it scam, ignore it as that was just an attack on SBI! from spammers.

Help students learn English writing skills.

Also important for me was the lesson learned to concentrate my "hobby" on a personal interest. I'm fortunate enough to truly enjoy my "day job" and the rewards of working with students on their English writing skills.

I hope this editing services website can be one more way to help with this.

This website is for the students and anyone else with the motivation and desire to write well in all of those of you (I hope are out there) who will give freely of your experience and expertise to help us get it right.

If you will forgive a little pride and excitement about the project, I've added some information on how well the website is currently doing on a visitor's information page.

Because this editing services website is (obviously) a "Do It Yourself" project, I welcome your comments and suggestions not only on the content and the editing services, but on anything about the website. Use the form below to drop me a line. It would be great to hear from you.

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Visitor's Information Page

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What Our Visitors Say...

I just checked out your website and I think it's brilliant! Seriously I really think this'd be very helpful for me and for everyone who wants to improve their English composition skill! Well some words are a bit difficult for me but I don't think it's going to be a problem :) I will visit here whenever I need to get help! Well done.

South Korea

What Our Visitors Say...

I just visited your website. It's awesome!!! It will be helpful to me, and others who need help to write in English. I'm so happy to know this site!

South Korea

What Our Visitors Say...

Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English language skills by editing and proofreading my text. I will tell my friends about this wonderful site.


What Our Visitors Say...

Thank you for your work. It is so good to have the feeling of something well done.
Best regards


What Our Visitors Say...

The Best.
I am so grateful,you guys helped. I did not expect the proofreading to be this quick.
Thank You so much!


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