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This page of online writing help is a group of important tips and techniques to remember when you are planning and writing anything for school or publication. These are very general but we encourage you to click down to the following pages (when they are completed and added to the site) for more complete information.

Well structured writing is as important as good content. A badly structured writing is very difficult to read, and there are high chances that your reader either gets bored or gets confused and leaves your page. To avoid your article or essay or report being a difficult read, make sure you have a good structure along with correct grammar, good word choices and concise, easy to understand ideas. For more detailed information and online writing help, follow the links below in blue.

Some pointers to remember when writing a piece are:

• Use appropriate and intelligently structured sentences. Sentences are the basic units of your writing so make sure each sentence has correct grammar and that it gives way to the following sentences naturally.

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• Make sure your sentences are free of mistakes. Commonly made English errors include sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and subject-verb disagreements.

• A helpful and clear introduction goes a long way in making your writing “sticky” and enjoyable to read to the very end.

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• The main ideas should be clearly stated and easy to find in the introduction. If you are writing an essay of 750 words, it is better to make your readers aware quickly in the introduction about what the essay is going to discuss. Don't make them read the whole report and make a guess before they understand your main idea.

• Writing effective paragraphs is what makes your piece structured and a joy to read.

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Arranging the paragraphs in the right way is important. Make the flow logical to be effective and natural. Make sure your writing doesn’t have loosely connected paragraphs. Failing this will not give you many satisfied readers. Rather, pack them tightly, placing logically connected ones in close arrangement.

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Concluding paragraphs should re-state what you’ve mentioned before in your writing. Give your main idea again in different words.

Be clear with your ideas and points. Don’t use too-long statements and make sure you use good internal paragraph structuring.

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• Take some time to read up on punctuation. A majority of the time, these building blocks of structure are misplaced, overused or confusing in writings. Make sure that a wrongly placed comma does not change the intended meaning of your statements.

• Always proofread your work and make corrections as necessary. If you would like, make use of the Free Proofreading page for online writing help and get a polished and finished piece of writing.

To learn the basic building blocks of English writing structure, you should work to develop an understanding of basic grammar and punctuation.

For some final tips on finding and fixing the most common English grammar mistakes, Click Here .

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