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More information on English vocabulary and the parts of speech will be good here before we continue on to the rules of English grammar and syntax. In addition to the short essays on the "what, why and how" of the types of words we will again call on YouTube and the producers of the animated series Schoolhouse Rock from American television for examples, easy to understand rules and a bit of music.

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We can begin building sentences and making them understandable with punctuation with the variety of words covered so far, but to express more complex ideas (and more than one idea in a sentence) we need to begin using Conjunctions.

The words in English that are required to talk about place (and also time) and seem to be cause of some of the most common errors made by students are Prepositions. The solution is to "keep it simple" and look for good examples. This is why a style manual or quick-reference grammar is always on my desk for English writing help.

Hey! The words that can add emotion to a sentence, especially when writing a story with dialogue are Interjections.

The section of the website on Structure will give detailed information on making sentences... then paragraphs... and on into the essay form but for a brief introduction to sentence grammar,
enjoy the Grammar Rock for sentence basics at Grammar Help




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