ESL Websites and Online Writing Resources

ESL Websites

This short list of ESL websites and writers' help resources are my choices for where to send students who have questions that I can't easily answer and for the students who are serious about improving their writing skills. There are literally hundreds of free grammar help and English writing tips sites available on the internet and many are very high quality. These are just the ones that I keep returning to.

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

I find myself going to "OWL" often for ideas on teaching English composition and have always found it useful. The website is large but is easy to navigate, especially if you do a little exploring first. The Site Map is large but can aid you in finding the subject you are interested in. If you are not certain where to go, there is a good Search function.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing

Easy to navigate, easy to use and easy to understand. A terrific resource for all skill levels.

Learn English Online

A great website with practical information, help, tips and motivation for students of English.

English Page

Free online English lessons, many tutorials on vocabulary and grammar subject that are well and simply written. Useful for all skill levels.

Really Learn English with Illustrations

Fully illustrated explanations, vocabulary & grammar exercises and English short stories. A great basic resource for English as a Second Language students.

If you are a student of English and don't have a thesaurus on your desk, this site will be invaluable to you. If you haven't used a thesaurus (or you don't know what it is,) it's about time you learned.

Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary

If you don't have a good dictionary, you need to bookmark this site on your computer now!

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