by G Baker
(Kinston, NC, USA)

Grammar question on verb conjugations;

I need help with the following sentence...

You see after the Cleveland Cavaliers were ousted by the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs last week, LeBron James simply peeled off his jersey, tossing it into the crowd and walked off the court indifferently, without uttering as much as a "good game" to the victors.

I'm concerned with the verb conjugation of peeled, tossing, walked and uttering. Must they all be in the past tense or can I use them as I have written? Thank you


The verb conjugations used in the participle clauses of the sentence appear to be correct. None of the three clauses (following the noun "jersey", the conjunction "and", and the preposition "without") are misrelated.

For more detail, see Practical English Usage, Michael Swan, (p. 382.)

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